Monday, 16 January 2012

An hour around Brigsley

The sun was shining and I needed to go pick up my wages from work, so I put my camera round my neck and put on the walking boots. I headed for my local wooded area behind the church which hold goldcrests and treecreepers not always seen though but on this visit I saw both species :) Then walked along buck beck in search of the kingfisher that is sometimes around but sadly no sighn :( But was suprised to come across a Snipe as it flew away.

I then walked around a small pond which was competely frozen over with seed on the ice there were yellowhammers and robin skating on ice, sadly there was a male mallard that wasnt very good at skating on ice picture below.

Brigsley Church

On the way back I just photogrpahed anything that looked like I could take picture of it, having read some photography magazines last night I was in the mood :)

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