Sunday, 15 January 2012

Day of the 200th ???

Having discovered that I could get to Withern on bus in an hour I decided to try see the Rough legged buzzard that has been around. I arrived a 10:15 and walked down a public footpath and ended up walking around a field then through a small wood and at the other side of the wood was a photography hide, not sure who was in there or even if they were after the rough legged buzzard. After walking across that field i waited at the edge by a large tree. There was a shot on that put up every single bird I think they were shooting ducks. They put up mallard and Teal and small flock of Greylags. After 15 minutes i walked back to towards the road and I spotted the buzzard flying at treetop level over Withern towards it usual area :D Finally 200 on my life list :D The bird perched about 300 metres away allowing farely good views after advancing about 100m.

Having seen this amazing bird I then got on the bus to Mablethorpe were I was hoping to do a little seawatching. Having walked a mile down the beach I sat down and waited for n hour And to my delight a large flock of Common Scotter flew into my field of view and settled on the sea bird 201 :) Also n the beach was Sanderling and plenty of gulls aswell as two washed up dead seal one a large adult.
Starfish one of hundreds washed up on th beach

Record shot of Rugh legged buzzard Number 200 on my life list :)

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