Thursday, 28 June 2012

Barn Owl, Polar hawk Moth and Olympic torch

Found another Poplar hawk Moth, This time I was a little happer than the last set of pictures I got although I was very happy with those ones. I also went to see the Olympic torch in Cleethorpes something I will never get the chance to do again. Was a nice expereience over in 20 seconds but worth it. Yesterday I spotted a Barn Owl in a tree 35 metres infront of me, after crawling 20 metres getting down to 15 metres ! The Barn Owl wasn't bothered about me at all he was looking around the grass underneath him for dinner. Awesome expereince shame about the lighting and scraping my elbows through dirt, stones and mud.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Macro Studio

I have built a small studio in the spare room, this is going to be used mainly for moths. I only have 2 perches at the moment. You may recognise the one below. I'm always on the look out for new perches and ideas for them. My studio set up is My Canon 7D, 100mm IS USM Marcro, 2 Tripods, 1 580X II Speedlite with off camera chord and wireless shutter release. I use G-clamps, blu-tac and sellotape to keep the perches in place. Macro Photography is quickly becoming my favourite as Bird photography is very frustrating at times. Especially with the bad weather of late, so being able to stay at home and spend 2 hours on a few moth shots is much more practical and a lot less wet !
Buff Ermine
Not quite sure what this is only that it is a paracitic wasp type insect. This came out of what I thought was 5 Spot Burnett moth

I also found a Poplar Hawk Moth, Beautifull moth ! Can't wait to get my moth trap up and running.

These Next to images show how important reflectors are. The image below I didn't use a reflector but the one below that I did. My reflector is just cardboard wrapped in Foil.

The wasp came out of this

Poplar Hawk Moth

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Photos form the last few weeks

Photography has been slow the last couple of weeks with weather being very unpredictable and havng to work alot. But thought I would share some recent images since my last post. 2 lifers since then in Marsh Warbler and Roller. Year list has also got up to 147 hopefully be at 150 for the end of the month.


Lesser Stag Beetle

Lesser Stag Beetle

Marsh Warbler

Juv Great Black-backed Gull

Gannet Pair