Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Cleethorpes 3/12/11

After my night shift I decided to go home and grab my camera and bike on down to Cleethorpes I had 3 targets in mind. I wanted to photograph the pier at sunrise, to see the Snow Buntings on the beach and the possibility of a Drake Goosander tempted me to the boating lake.

Arriving at the pier at 7 am I set up my amera on my tripod and waited for the sunrise. This didn't go as planned I managed some images but not what I was hoping for. After that I spent a little time on the beach trying to photograph Turnstone and Knot but failed any good results. I will have to do all this again for better results hopefully. Freezing cold and with wet feet I then went and had a full English at Brown's cafe. It was just what the doctor ordered.

After being disapointed by the sunrise and waders I moved onto the boating lake. I had a full walk around the lake and no sighn of the Drake Goosander, but there was a Cormorant on the lake, the first I have seen on there. Stopping on one of the many benches I attempted to photograph diving Pochard for half an hour this being a little more succesfull. Also present was the single Pink-footed goose that has been there since January a tame bird.

So I headed off to the beach to try and find the Snow Buntings reported up to 200. Walking the beach a Peregrine flew by over the sea. After walking a little further a flock of around 100 Snow Buntings lifted from the dunes. I was very pleased as I haven't seen Snow buntings for 2 years prior to this. The only shots avaliable were flock shots as I wanted to get home to bed. Heading back to Buck Beck car park I bumped into Colin Pumfrett the first time I had met Colina d was nice to put faces to names and had a nice chat.