Monday, 23 January 2012

Iceland gull Grimsby Docks

Went to Grimsby docks to try get another lifer in Iceland gull and some med gulls sadly the meds didnt show today but the Iceland gull gave close views, along with the other birdlife around. Best views are at the 2nd corner of North Quay road at Kemp road. North Quay road is off Humber Bridge Road. You do need a permit to take photos but I was questioned by security and the guard let me off after i showed him my pictures of seagulls.
Iceland Gull

Favourite shot of the day

Iceland gull 2nd winter

Common gul

Iceland gull 2nd winter

Monday, 16 January 2012

An hour around Brigsley

The sun was shining and I needed to go pick up my wages from work, so I put my camera round my neck and put on the walking boots. I headed for my local wooded area behind the church which hold goldcrests and treecreepers not always seen though but on this visit I saw both species :) Then walked along buck beck in search of the kingfisher that is sometimes around but sadly no sighn :( But was suprised to come across a Snipe as it flew away.

I then walked around a small pond which was competely frozen over with seed on the ice there were yellowhammers and robin skating on ice, sadly there was a male mallard that wasnt very good at skating on ice picture below.

Brigsley Church

On the way back I just photogrpahed anything that looked like I could take picture of it, having read some photography magazines last night I was in the mood :)

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Day of the 200th ???

Having discovered that I could get to Withern on bus in an hour I decided to try see the Rough legged buzzard that has been around. I arrived a 10:15 and walked down a public footpath and ended up walking around a field then through a small wood and at the other side of the wood was a photography hide, not sure who was in there or even if they were after the rough legged buzzard. After walking across that field i waited at the edge by a large tree. There was a shot on that put up every single bird I think they were shooting ducks. They put up mallard and Teal and small flock of Greylags. After 15 minutes i walked back to towards the road and I spotted the buzzard flying at treetop level over Withern towards it usual area :D Finally 200 on my life list :D The bird perched about 300 metres away allowing farely good views after advancing about 100m.

Having seen this amazing bird I then got on the bus to Mablethorpe were I was hoping to do a little seawatching. Having walked a mile down the beach I sat down and waited for n hour And to my delight a large flock of Common Scotter flew into my field of view and settled on the sea bird 201 :) Also n the beach was Sanderling and plenty of gulls aswell as two washed up dead seal one a large adult.
Starfish one of hundreds washed up on th beach

Record shot of Rugh legged buzzard Number 200 on my life list :)

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Cleetorpes Pier to Humberston Fitties

Spent the Afternoon in Cleethorpes hping to catch up with the Snow Buntings on the dunes and Ruff at the Fitties

Sadly I couldnt find the Snow bunting flock on the dunes. The Resisdent Ruff was present on the Fitties as usual :)
Started the morning at the pier to try tick some waders off my year list Managed Black and Bar tailed godwits, Turnstone, Oystercatcher, Redshank, Knot, and Curlew.

I then Went to the boating lake to focus a bit more on photography my focus like many times at the boating lakes is diving pochards, I at for an hour and a half and got some fairly good results. All taken at 300mm. No sighn of the Pink-footed Goose thats been around all of 2011.

Whilst out on the dunes I walked over one and disturbed a Short-eared owl that was always flying away from me, the owl quickly gained height and flew in land being mobbed by crows. Just the normal waders and ducks arounf the boating lake and beach, but no sighn of the pink footed goose first time I havent seen it there for over a year.

All in all a very pleasant days birding and photography to

Barnacle Goose

Greylag Goose

Pochard with Greylag Geese in the background


Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Covenham resevoir and North Thoresby 9/1/12

I enjoyed a nice days birdwatching today took my camera and kept 10 photos for the whole day and nothing even worth posting really just record shots really. It was very quite at Covenham with just some wintering ducks around. No sighn of the recent Red-necked grebe around sadly. Note to self do not go to covenham in search of a bird last reported a week ago.  So I then headed to North Thoresby bridge in search of the swans ans bean geese. On arrival I checked the swan flock and could only see Mute no whoopers or geese, for about 10 seconds I was a little defalted. Then up over a bank came a single Short-eared owl! This certainly lifted my spirit!! It stuck around for around 10 seconds as I just admired this magnificent owl! After disapearing over the hill I checked the Swan flock again and Found 4 Whoopers and 2 Bean goose the only reason I came to North Thoresby Bridge. Overall a nice day with a superb last 10 minutes birding :)

The best of a bad days photography Goldeneye at Covenham