Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Covenham resevoir and North Thoresby 9/1/12

I enjoyed a nice days birdwatching today took my camera and kept 10 photos for the whole day and nothing even worth posting really just record shots really. It was very quite at Covenham with just some wintering ducks around. No sighn of the recent Red-necked grebe around sadly. Note to self do not go to covenham in search of a bird last reported a week ago.  So I then headed to North Thoresby bridge in search of the swans ans bean geese. On arrival I checked the swan flock and could only see Mute no whoopers or geese, for about 10 seconds I was a little defalted. Then up over a bank came a single Short-eared owl! This certainly lifted my spirit!! It stuck around for around 10 seconds as I just admired this magnificent owl! After disapearing over the hill I checked the Swan flock again and Found 4 Whoopers and 2 Bean goose the only reason I came to North Thoresby Bridge. Overall a nice day with a superb last 10 minutes birding :)

The best of a bad days photography Goldeneye at Covenham

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